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Touch-Screen Box Office Ticketing POS Software
Multi-POS Box Office Ticketing POS Software...
  • Sell by touch screen, mouse or keyboard
  • Each station is an interchangeable server
  • Can be coupled with Concessions Sales
  • Programmable, user-defined ticket types
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Touch-Screen General Merchandise POS Software
General Merchandise POS Software...
  • Touch screen, mouse, or keyboard control
  • Simple one-touch per item
  • Can be coupled with Box Office Ticketing
  • Calculates tax automatically (if needed)
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Reserve Seating POS Software
Reserve Seating...
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Can operate in Reserve Seating mode
  • Can operate in General Admission mode
  • Can operate in Dinner Theater mode
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Internet Ticketing
Online Ticketing...
  • Automatic Web page generation
  • Automatic upload to internet
  • Tickets bought online with credit cards
  • Seat counts deducted in real time
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Integrated Inventory Control Software
Inventory Control...
  • Keep track of all products
  • Easily updates concession stations
  • Generate reports from all remote stations
  • Several reports types available
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Employee Time and Attendance Tracking Software
Employee Time Clock...
  • Employee time displayed to the minute
  • Breaks and lunches tracked per employee
  • Track payroll expenses and salaried employees
  • Full editing of timecards by the manager
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Alternate POS Payment Methods

Credit Cards
All Major Credit Cards...
Quickly and easily process transactions using our customized credit card software. We partner with Mercury Payment Systems to ensure trouble-free opertation.

  • Credit Cards, Smart Cards and Gift Cards supported by the same reader
  • Fast processing
  • Sells automatically to our system
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Gift Cards
Mercury Gift Cards...
Our integrated Gift Card module is perfect for those customers who want to give the perfect gift during the holidays or any other time! You bank the money now and the customer can decide when to spend the money. Like SmartCards, gift cards offer a floating revenue for your company. Gift Cards can also be used as Season Passes, complete with a preset expiration date. No more waiting while the customer fumbles for money. Just swipe the card and they're done! We partner with Mercury Payment Systems to ensure trouble-free opertation.
  • Seamlessly integrated into the MPOS environment
  • Use your existing credit card swipe
  • Cards can be issued and reloaded multiple times
  • Use the Gift Cards in place of Season Passes; you decide the expiration - by usage or a specific date
  • Create "Generic" cards that can be given as gifts to anyone
  • Full range of reports are available
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Smartcard Technology
SmartCard Techonology Our Smart Card software replaces pre-made paper gift certificates. This software allows the customer to pre-purchase any dollar amount and use it to quickly and safely buy tickets, concession items, or any other products and services you offer. Our Smart Card program is safe, secure, and simple. The Smart Cards provide customer convenience, build business, and create a floating revenue for your establishment.
  • Independence from any ticketing system
  • Simple to use
  • Secure tracking
  • Can be used for tickets or concessions
  • Bar-coded for security
  • Can be issued in any amount or quantity
  • Electronic selling
  • Cannot be duplicated
  • Sell and track name, email, phone number, and other information
  • Floating revenue
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